Your Local Marketing Strategies This Holiday Season-5 Reasons To Include Boomers

Are You Looking at Your Local Demographics when Putting together your Marketing Strategies?…

Here’s 5 Reasons to Include Boomers in your marketing plan:

  1. Most Boomers (76%) are online, as are 61% of adults 50+.
  2. The median household incomes for online Boomers is $84,700
  3. Adults 50+  median household incomes is $74,500
  4. Over the past two years, 50+ spending was up in 5 major categories.

Credit Card Expenditures +15%
Home Furnishings +12%
Home Improvements +11%
Foreign Vacations +10%
Health & Beauty Aids +9%

    5.  Boomers are less vulnerable than 18-49 year-olds, during this tough economy.

This demographic provides an opportunity for your marketing efforts to be target-specific with your offers.

Consider this upcoming Holiday Season and focus your campaigns toward the items most likely to be purchased and toward those individuals most likely to make those purchases. Many of these individuals will take advantage of the opportunity you offer them…They will purchase what they’ve been putting off…and call it a gift!…

(Just a side note: I’m speaking from my own experiences here…we qualify in this category, and both the members of my household…husband and wife, have been guilty of taking advantage of a “good deal” around the holiday season!)

The numbers referenced in this article came from MediaPost Publications Boom(er) Or Bust Holiday Season? 10/18/2010, however it seemed appropriate to put our twist on the same information…You might want to read the original post. Mark Bradbury has a way with numbers!

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