Local Social Marketing – Mobile Retailing – and WALMART! As A Local Business You MUST MOVE NOW!

Where Walmart Is Headed in Social, Mobile Retailing | Special: Digital West – Advertising Age

Local business retailers…can you see what’s happening here?

Social Media…Mobile Retailing…Walmart?

Your world is changing!  FAST!

Don’t get left out…find out what’s at your fingertips.

You can compete, and you can compete cost effectively!

You just need to understand how…

Check out these resources: Local Social Marketing.  

Mobile Payment Keeps Getting Easier

Mobile Payment tools are becoming easier to find.You might really like this recent article I found that listssome of the more popular providers. A Guide to Mobile Payment Solutions | SEO News, Articles & Blog Posts Tweet This Post

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Free QR Code Generator – Use Our Free QR Code Generator Here

QR Code Generator How It Works1. Choose what you want the QR Code to do and fill in the information… URL – Takes the user to a specific website. Enter the URL here. Message – Generates a message for the user to read… similar to a text message. Just type what you want the message…

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Accept credit card payments with your mobile phone – For Free!

Accept Credit Card Payments – Free Credit Card Reader Now Available Now you can take credit card payments anywhere! Really. With your mobile phone. This is one really smart tool for any business…and its free. You gotta love it! Now you can attend that trade show, farmer’s market or  local artisan’s fair and accept credit…

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What’s Portland & Google ~ Got to do with You?

Simply put, Google is serious about local business. Using Portland to trial launch their newest service targeted at the local market segment…”Hotpot”, they are seeking to expand their reach and garner additional advertising revenue from local markets. So what’s that got to do with you and your mainstreet business? We think it’s good news!… Why?…

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Local Business Marketing – Staggering Numbers Indicate A Trend You Cannot Ignore

Local Business Marketing – Staggering Numbers Invite You To Move To Technology Market to your local customers when and where they are looking to buy. If you’ve been paying attention, you know they’re online…right? That’s why you have a website. But did you know just HOW MANY of your potential buyers are researching online before…

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BLOG – 5 Reasons Why Every Local Business Should

5 Good Reasons Your Local Business Should Blog More and more savvy local business owners now including blogs in their marketing strategies. Here’s 5 reasons we think every local mainstreet business should blog: Your content will build your brand and brand recognition. You build trust and credibility with your customers. You will draw more customers…

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Just How Big is Google?…Check Out this Graphic

Google and our Universe…just keeps growing

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Ever wonder why Facebook is blue? | Colors & Your Business Marketing

Ever wonder why Facebook is blue? What should you know about colors when creating your business marketing color schemes? We all know colors influence our emotional responses, but have you thought about those among us who may be color-blind? When you’re creating your logos and deciding upon colors for your marketing schemes…it is a good…

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Tips For Creating Your Business Listing in Google Places: Business listing titles – Google Small Business

When Claiming your Free Business Listing at Google… Google recommends you use these guidelines to comply with their policy: (Consistency in all your listings is essential to be found and recognized as the same business.) Accurately list your basic business information If you already have a business listing and want to tweak it, or if…

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